Welcome to Nagano Sushi! This is your ultimate guide to Japanese cuisine in British Columbia. Even a decade ago, we could hardly find any restaurant serving Japanese food outside Japan.

People all over the world were crazy about Italian pasta and pizza or the American burger. But, recently, Japanese food has become very popular all over the world. Not only sushi, but the other dishes are also delicious.

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In many countries, you will find restaurants serving authentic Japanese cuisine. In British Columbia, the number of such restaurants has increased, so if you are craving some Japanese food, you don’t have to look that far.

In this magazine, you will learn all there is to know about Japanese cuisine in British Columbia. You will find reviews of different restaurants, the foods you can try, and lots more. You will also get tips from the chefs so that you can cook your favourite Japanese dish at home.

We will also tell you how the restaurants source authentic ingredients to cook these dishes.

By reading our magazine, you will rediscover Japanese cuisine and fall in love with this food. If you are looking for a good place to dine, then you can get lots of suggestions from our magazine. You will also know about any new restaurants in town serving Japanese food. Thank you for visiting our site.